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There are lots of ways to add a little more tennis to your life and ThomasTennis is the company to do that for you!

Team Coaching We coach teams of all levels, all seasons, and all leagues. Whether your team would like a pre-season workshop, a few strategy sessions, or coaching for the season, ThomasTennis can find just the professional to fit your needs.
Camps Would you like to do your own tennis camp with just the neighborhood kids? Maybe you'd like to set up weekly lessons rather than a week-long camp. We can do camps that meet once or twice a week. We can do evening camps to avoid the heat. Our pros are familiar with teaching kids of all ages and levels. ThomasTennis is what you need! We organize and schedule the lessons, just contact us today!
Workshops Not all camps are for kids. We offer workshops for adults and teens who would like to learn to play. After school, after work- you name the time. How about a neighborhood drills night? Maybe you need help forming a team. We can help with that!
Pickle Ball Traci Thomas checked off an item on her career bucket list when she brought Pickleball to Cobb County. Recognizing the potential for Pickleball to be a sport anyone could enjoy, she established the new sport before she retired. ThomasTennis is now offering Pickleball programs across the community.
Drop-In Drills Did you ever wake up and think “I just want to hit one more ball…..”?
On Fridays, starting at 9:15, ThomasTennis has drop-in drills at Hardage Farm in West Cobb or Tumlin Park in Marietta. We offer live ball and match play situations for an hour and a half.
Start your weekend off right with a little exercise and a lot of fun. You can meet other players, win prizes, and hit one more ball!
$18 for one session, 4 sessions for $55. Come this Friday or contact ThomasTennis to be added to the text list.
Private or Semi-Private Lessons Do you want to try something new during the off season but don't know where to go? Does your serve need a little extra work? Maybe you and your partner want to improve your court movement. ThomasTennis can set you up with just the right coach to kick your game into high gear.
One-time Lesson Sometimes you just want to work on that certain shot that's giving you trouble. A one-time lesson can do a lot to take the kinks out of your serve or fine tune a particular stroke. ThomasTennis can find the coach for your shot.
The Necessities Tecnifibre, Clothes, Racquet Stringing!
ThomasTennis has what you need.
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