Equipment :

Traci Thomas, owner of ThomasTennis, is sponsored by Tecnifibre.
As member of the Advisory Staff, Traci teaches and plays with Tecnifibre products providing feedback to the company.
ThomasTennis can provide you with Tecnifibre racquets to demo, as well as providing competive prices on a racquet purchase.

Racquet Stringing :

ThomasTennis can take care of your stringing needs! You can leave your racquet with Traci after lessons or drills and she will get it back to you within 2 days. Arrangements can also be made for pickup and drop off. Traci can recommend strings for your style of play or you can provide your own strings. Not sure if your racquet needs restringing? Ask Traci to take a look.

Clothes :

ThomasTennis has great team-wear. We have long and short sleeve T-shirts, tank-tops and hats. Any item can be special ordered with your favorite ThomasTennis catchphrase! Contact ThomasTennis for information on colors and prices.